"we got deeper roots"

DEEPER ROOTS - mendo dope boys x gage green group

DEEPER ROOTS is a historical collaboration orchestrated through the powerful artistry of Mendo Dope Boys’ soul-stirring music, Mr Fungi’s visionary activism, TDOG the Artist’s intricate artistry, and Gage Green Group’s genetic alchemy. Punctuated by the awe-inspiring glasswork from Visionary Glass, this seed and multimedia art collaboration is a homage to our roots.

Dedicated to our culture and our community, the essence of DEEPER ROOTS delves us into the foundational layers of our reason for being. We are grounded in first chakra’s vital energies of stability, security, and our life force. We know where we come from. Red connects to our blood. Our genes. Our ancestors. Our family. Our friends. Our community.

This work serves as an unwavering cornerstone that calls us to honor our lineage, our culture, and the unbreakable bond to our heritage. DEEPER ROOTS is an affirmation that we are the guardians and inheritors of a sacred past and the architects of a harmonious future.

As we connect with the DEEPER ROOTS and feel the hearts of our brothers and sisters, we are invited on a spiritual pilgrimage. The journey goes beyond getting high as we align with the rich red energies of the root chakra and to embrace the cultural and ancestral currents that flow through our veins.

We have a duty as healers and caretakers of all life to protect. We must know where we come from to know where we are going. 

It is an eternal voyage to anchor our essence, nurture our soul, and celebrate the sacred tapestry of life’s interconnectedness.

They tried to bury us, but they didn't know we were seeds.

*official music video*