-1st place highest terpene award-

1st Place Highest Terpene

Emerald Cup 2023

Mendo Dope and Pez Bro take home the Highest Terpene Award at the 2023 Emerald Cup with one of their latest creations Project Power. This Jam Whip Donut entry was washed and squashed by Pez Bro from this full sun grown flower from Mendo Dope. Watch the behind the scenes footage of how this was created. 

Mendo Dope X Ganja Gold

tarantula "Infused Pre-Roll"

Three flavors available now, visit our store locator page to find a club near you.  

-whats new with mendo dope-

"planters Of The Trees 2"

10 year Anniversary Album

The Mendo Dope Boys have been in the lab recording for their 10 year anniversary album "Planters Of The Trees 2". This double disc album is the ultimate soundtrack to the Cannabis Culture. New singles dropping on the first of every month full album drops October 10th 2023.

the "Mendo dope" project Season 2

the "Mendo dope" project Season 2

2023 full season documentary

The Mendo Dope Boys are back with their new grow season documentary for 2023. This is the 10th year of filming in the garden and the boys have more plants in the groud then ever before. Check out the latest episode now on YouTube. 

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S2 Ep #10

Organically Blunt is a show dedicated to cannabis and the lifestyle that surrounds it, including cultivation, business, music, food and everything in between. If you like this podcast be sure to subscribe and follow us.

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Epsiode #95

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