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Mendo Dope band rocks the 2021 emerald cup

Faded Truth Podcast

Legendary cannabis growers

Mendo Dope joins the Faded Truth Podcast once again to chop it up about 2021 and the struggles of a "Real Weed Rapper". New music coming soon and new strains tune in for the game lacing.  

Grow Bud yourself

Danny danko - podcast

Mendo Dope Boys join the Grow Bud Yourself Podcast to talk about their ganja journey. From the beginning of the Weed Nerd movement to now we talk about ganja, music and life.

weed world magazine

integrated pest management

growing from seed

Outdoor vs indoor

Straight from the heart of the Emerald Triangle, cultivators & musicians Mendo Dope join B Real in The Smokebox & talk cannabis, music + more.”


The Smoke Box

The Smoke Box