-how to grow " mendo dope" class-

The Mendo Dope Boys are opening up the next How To Grow class giving you a chance to be on the farm in person. This one of a kind grow class will be on site at the new Mendo Dope Farm with Old E and Bleezy. You have the chance to learn hands on how to cultivate the highest grade and biggest trees. This class is a 1 day 8 hour session that will be going over everything from seed to harvest. The Mendo Dope brothers have been teaching the world about growing cannabis for years through their youtube channel and growing documentaries. Now they are opening up the gates on their farm to bring in a limited amount of people to see what it takes to be a real ganja farmer.  

Take a peak at what you will be doing

How To Grow Class

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Willits, CA

8 Hour class on the farm, hands in the soil with Mendo Dope. Learn every step from germination to harvest and get your fingers sticky.

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planting class 2022

harvest class 2022

The mendo dope project

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Check out the Mendo Dope Farm and get ready to walk with the Planters Of The Trees. 


Where do I fly into? - San Francisco International Airport/Oakland International Airport/Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport

Where do I stay? - Ukiah CA, Willits CA, Santa Rosa Ca

Where is pick up Location? - Willits, CA


-class details-

  • 8 Hour class from 9am to 5pm 
  • Full seminar from seed to harvest plus on the farm experience hands in the soil
  • All you can smoke flowers - Mendo Dope Homegrown 
  • One complimentary  meal + munchies 
  • 10 Pack of Mendo Dope seeds for every student to grow at home
  • Live entertainment at the end of class
  • Shuttle service to and from farm

-rules and regulations-


  • No phones allowed
  • No alcohol
  • No video cameras 
  • Be respectful to the land
  • Break any of these rules and you will be escorted off of the farm immediately by our security team