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Sun grown flowers from the heart of the Emerald Triangle. We specialize in organic no-till farming to provide the cleanest medicine. 

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"headies" & "Heady OG"

Mendo Dope brings you nothing but the best sun grown no-till cannabis flowers. You will love these varieties that the Mendo Boys have chosen to feature on the shelfs. 

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no-till cannabis

sun grown in the emerlad triangle

The Mendo Dope Boys have been cultivating for more then a decade bringing you nothing but the best cannabis. Natural farming no-till grown with love and passion. We want you to experience craft cannabis the way it should be. 

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Enjoy even more Dope in the new 1oz bags. Find them at a dispensary near you. 

the planters of the trees supply co.

Mendo Dope genetics are bred right in the heart of the famous Emerald Triangle in Northern California. These unique  strains are created by using nothing but the best varieties that have been hand selected by these veteran growers. Bred for flavor, resin and high terpene production these strains are made for the connoisseur growers and smokers. The Mendo Dope Boys worked side by side with legendary breeder Subcool for many years and learned about the art of breeding and creating new flavors. They created their first strain in 2017 and now have a catalog of winners for growers around the world. With so many great varieties you are sure to find something you will love. 

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